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Chances are, when you’ve taken your pet presenting symptoms of an illness or injury, your vet has requested that they undergo diagnostic testing of some sort.

What are diagnostic tests?

Diagnostic tests are ones used to identify with high accuracy the disease of a particular patient and thus to provide early and proper treatment.

It is a vital way of understanding what may be going on inside your pet. Trusting and knowing your equipment will surely be a big factor when faced with need to run any such tests.

For this reason we are proud to have introduced our Idexx lab

equipment, who are a worldwide leader in animal healthcare diagnostics and innovation. Not only does idexx give us more confidence when running tests, the results are constantly monitored and any technical issues are highlighted and corrected. You will not have to worry about the size, age, breed, weight etc because all these parameters are personalised for your pet to give the most accurate results.

With advances in technologies, it is inevitable to opt for the best and reliable equipment. We are choosing the best for your pet

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