Vaccinations are essential to protecting your furry family member from highly contagious and deadly diseases such as canine distemper, parvovirus infection and rabies. Vaccinations are preparations that resemble infectious agents like bacteria or viruses but are not pathogenic (disease causing). They are administered to the body in order to “train” the immune system to protect against these diseases. After vaccination, the immune system is “trained” to recognize and protect against these diseases by producing proteins called antibodies or activating specific cells to kill the diseases. It remembers the virus so should it encounter it again it will be immediately ready.

Experts agree that widespread use of vaccinations within the last century has prevented death and disease in millions of animals. There are lots of illnesses that used to be common but are now rarely seen by vets, thanks to vaccinations.

5 Reasons you should vaccinate

  1. Easy Access – Vaccination is relatively easy to obtain as compared to some medical treatments.

  2. Cost Effective – Vaccination has proven to be less expensive than the cost of treatment for the diseases they protect. Infected pets often require expensive treatment and a long hospitalisation under quarantine away from family.